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Module u-system



advertisingId: string

Platform advertising ID (IDFA or ADID) for use in advertisements or analytics.

advertisingTrackingLimited: boolean

Whether the user has chosen to limit ad tracking (true = limited).

albumPath: string

Fullpath to the Album or Photos folder.

allowScreenSaver: boolean

Whether the app is allowing the system to sleep.

apeId: string

Your pubid on the ape channel.

appHeight: number

Page height in pixels.

appMode: number

What mode is the app running in. 0: Standalone, 1: Umajin Editor, 2: Umajin Editor Lite.

appWidth: number

Page width in pixels.

batteryPercentage: number

The charge level of the device battery from 0 to 100.

cachePath: string

Full path to the cache folder. This folder is writable.

clipboard: string

Contents of clipboard as a string.

compiled: boolean

Is the app compiled

countryCode: string

Last known country code of the user.

countryLatitude: number

Last known country latitude of the user.

countryLocation: string

Last known country location of the user.

countryLongitude: number

Last known country longitude of the user.

countryName: string

Last known country name of the user.

deviceId: string

Unique ID for this device.

hostname: string

Device network hostname.

httpBlockerAlpha: number

How transparent the JS http spinner will be (transparent 0-255 opaque)

httpSpinner: boolean

Will the spinner show for JS http requests.

language: string

Users current locale.

latitude: number

Last known latitude of the user.

longitude: number

Last known longitude of the user.

metrics: Metrics

Provides various metrics about your apps performance.

os: string

The operating system name

playMode: boolean

returns true in a published app, Umajin Lite, Portal, or in the editor in preview mode. Returns false in the editor in edit mode.

projectId: number

Unique id for the app.

projectName: string

Name of the current project.

projectPath: string

Full path to the project folder. This folder is read-only on mobile devices.

projectPathFull: string
projectToken: string

Unique token for the app.

projectVersion: string

From the version.txt in the project folder eg 1.0.102.

published: boolean

Returns true in a published app (or a sideloaded, standalone app).

publishedAppName: string

Name used to publish the app.

publishedAppVersion: string

The version string used to publish the app.

scaleFactor: number

Get OS scale factor for the current monitor (desktop only).

screenHeight: number

Current screen height in pixels (desktop only).

screenPpi: number

Dots per inch of the devices screen.

screenWidth: number

Current screen width in pixels (desktop only).

screenX: number

Current screen x in pixels (desktop only).

screenY: number

Current screen y in pixels (desktop only).

spinnerFilename: string
spinnerSpeed: number
tempPath: string

Full path to the temp folder. This folder is writable, and does not save to the cloud.

upTime: number

Time the app has been running (ms).

userAgent: string

The currently set user agent for JS HTTP calls.

userAgentSuffix: string

The HTTP user agent that the operating system supplies, without any application/version on the front.

version: number

Current version of Umajin Editor or Editor Lite.

versionRevision: number

Current version revision of Umajin Editor or Editor Lite.

versionString: string

Current version of Umajin Editor or Editor Lite.

windowHeight: number

Current window height in pixels (desktop only).

windowState: number

Get the window state. 0:Windowed, 1:Maximized, 2:Fullscreen, 3:Minimized (desktop only).

windowTitle: string

Title of the window.

windowWidth: number

Current window width in pixels (desktop only).

windowX: number

Current window x in pixels (desktop only).

windowY: number

Current window y in pixels (desktop only).

workareaHeight: number

Current workarea height in pixels (desktop only).

workareaWidth: number

Current workarea width in pixels (desktop only).

workareaX: number

Current workarea x in pixels (desktop only).

workareaY: number

Current workarea y in pixels (desktop only).

zoomLevel: number

Get the apps zoom level.


  • cancelQuit(): void
  • In response to the quit event, this tells the application that it should not exit.

    Returns void

  • moveWindow(x: number, y: number, width: number, height: number): void
  • Move and resize the window. (desktop only).


    • x: number

      New x position of the window.

    • y: number

      New y position of the window.

    • width: number

      New width of the window.

    • height: number

      New height of the window.

    Returns void

  • quit(): void
  • Quit the app.

    Returns void

  • shellExecute(path: string, params: string[], minimized: boolean): boolean
  • Launch a new process.


    • path: string

      A path to the file to run. Relative to your project folder.

    • params: string[]

      List of parameters to pass to the process.

    • minimized: boolean

      Start the process in a minimized state.

    Returns boolean

    Process was successful.